Tailored online
English education for bilingual kids

for 4-16 year olds

+ Connect with other English speaking kids
+ Natural language acquisition
+ Blended learning live online and home projects
+ Tailored curriculum that adapts to your child´s level and progress
+ Small groups (2-4 average)


Abdelys Gonzalez,


"I asked my 6 year old daughter if she likes her workshop. She replied "Mum, I love it!". I am truly in awe, NLE has a fun and effective way to keep kids interested and involved in their workshops. Our daughter has made great strides in developing her English. Definitely recommended. I give them 5/5 Stars"


Five reasons you and your kids will love learning with us

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What is Next Level English?

Designed by diverse educators for diverse children, we are experienced educators and parents with the clear intention of providing access to quality bilingual education for all children, while promoting fluency and skills in the use of the language in different contexts.

We teach English in an engaging and fun way through Next Level live online English classes in small groups. These are supported by games, activities and projects which children do in their own time.

We connect children in a safe secure environment where their bilingualism can be celebrated and nurtured, focusing on their specific needs and fostering a love of using the language.


What makes Next Level English special?

We offer a unique, innovative platform specifically designed to keep children engaged and motivated. We create varied opportunities to assimilate language through exposure and use.

Benefits for children joining our unique courses

Build confidence

Nurture a love of reading

Broaden vocabulary

Develop literacy skills

Improve fluency and pronunciation

Keep you informed about progress

Your child's success matters to us

Next Level English was founded because, as parents ourselves, we genuinely care about kids' learning and have first hand experience raising and teaching bilingual children.


 We want to help every child achieve their full potential.

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