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Fun, engaging English immersion & literacy programmes

Online - After school support
4-16 year olds

Registration open throughout the year

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Small group lessons with a native teacher


Personal animated elibrary

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Tailored home learning pack

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Follow your child's progress

How does the programme work?


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Connect to your scheduled weekly Next Level lesson

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We play lots of games, tell stories and explore themes through Next Level lessons


Check your library for the week's book recommendations

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Each week your teacher  recommends books related to the themes we are focusing on


Access tailored games, challenges and exercises direct from your teacher


Complete word games, make videos, take photos, complete quizzes and much, much more!

Tailored education at a price you can afford
From €59 per month + registration fee

Who are we for?

Bilingual kids


Native speakers


Global citizens


Heritage language speakers


Moving to or from English speaking countries


Kids in non-English speaking schools


We support parents and their children who have limited access to tailored English language programmes that suit their needs, timetable or budget.

Next Level English helps children and parents, whether native speakers or learning English as a second language, achieve better English speaking, reading and writing skills.

All courses are tailored to run alongside your school curriculum and encourage a love of reading and literacy.

Little monsters
Foster a love and joy of using English through fun play  and discovery based lessons
Reading monsters
Begin learning early phonics and blending skills to begin your reading journey
Writing monsters
Building confidence through tailored literacy support, discovering a world of English
Terrific Teens
We love working with teens to get them away from exams and exjoying using English

How to join us


Book a consultation call / trial class

Choose a time that is convenient for you to discuss your child's individual needs and learn how we can support you.

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We'll find the time and group that best suits you.

Our flexible times allow us to find a time that fits around your busy schedule. We'll place your child in a small group according to their needs, level and interests.

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Confirm your group!

Once you've been placed you'll receive your library subscription and details on how to join your weekly online lessons.


What makes the courses fun and engaging?
Hear from parents with children in our courses now!

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Abdelys Gonzalez, Germany

Daughter 7 - Relocation Programme

"I asked my 6 year old daughter if she likes her classes. She replied "Mum, I love it!".
I am truly in awe, NLE has a fun and effective way to keep kids interested and involved in their workshops.
Our daughter has made great strides in developing her English. Definitely recommended. I give them 5/5 Stars"

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”
Margaret Fuller

Benefits for children joining our unique courses

Build confidence

Nurture a love
for reading

Broaden vocabulary

Develop literacy skills

Improve fluency and pronunciation

Stay informed about progress

We select only the world’s leading literacy products and award winning educational resources to support our learners with materials from

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And our new award winning library partner for 2023!


All students receive a library subscription upon registration

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Featured articles

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Download your free handbook on
how to raise a bilingual child
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This ERASMUS+ funded EU project supports European families raising bilingual and multilingual children.

As an ambassador to the project at Next Level English we share resources and practical advice to help you learn that there are many ways to successfully raise bilingual children.

Available in EN, ES, IT, DE, RO

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How to raise a bilingual child?
5 tips for language learning in everyday life
In between work, social life and parenting, it can be a challenge to squeeze in some time to practice the home language with your child. Fortunately, there are many ways to practice that require little time and energy. Here are some ideas on how to integrate language learning in your family’s everyday life.

Your child's success matters to us

Next Level English was founded because, as parents ourselves, we genuinely care about kids' learning and have first hand experience raising and teaching bilingual children.
 We want to help every child achieve their full potential.

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Join our mailing list!
Sign up to receive exclusive offers, tips, news and advice and join a growing community of parents raising bilingual learners. 

Get in touch any time

We are always happy to talk to you about your needs and what we can do to help you achieve your goals.

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