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What is Next Level English?

Designed by diverse educators for diverse children, we are experienced educators and parents with the clear intention of providing access to quality bilingual education for all children, while promoting fluency and skills in the use of the language in different contexts.

We teach English in an engaging and fun way through Next Level live online English classes in small groups. These are supported by games, activities and projects which children do in their own time.

We connect children in a safe secure environment where their bilingualism can be celebrated and nurtured, focusing on their specific needs and fostering a love of using the language.


Our Background & Philosophy

This is my eldest son, Marc. He's in his first year of primary in Barcelona. Like many other children in Spain and in other parts of the non-English speaking world, he is missing out on vital parts of his English education.

Since Marc started school, it quickly became apparent to us that he couldn't get what he needed from his English classes, and a lot of other parents we met in Spain and across the globe were in the same boat. What the children needed was regular interactions with other English speaking kids and a way of expanding their vocabulary and practicing their reading skills.

Next Level English was born out of a simple idea: bring native English speaking kids together on a fun, accessible and affordable platform, while providing a place where they can continue to develop their fluency and where us parents have the support to achieve our long terms goals with regards to our children’s proficiency in English.

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Ricky Magee
Founder of Next Level English

A dad, a leader and a facilitator. Originally from Portstewart, Northern Ireland, I've been working in youth education and technology for nearly 20 years. My experience spans across teaching English language (online and offline) in the UK, the Middle East and in Spain. I've led 20+ youth expeditions to the developing world, managed large English summer camps in the UK and lastly, worked in IT consultancy. Now my number one greatest challenge to date is getting my boys to read and write confidently in English!

My ethos in education has always been to facilitate learning by giving young people the tools they need to teach themselves, growing in confidence, learning more deeply and taking ownership of that process.

My passion for the English language and my journey as an educator and father has been the driving force behind launching my own platform which facilitates the best possible experience for the child and the parent. My goal is to deliver educational value through fun, intuitive and engaging tools that will help the children maintain their heritage language and thrive in their proficiency wherever they are in the world.

Join our Community of parents with talented bilingual and multilingual kids! Sign up here for a free trial

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