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3 Things we've learned from raising and working with multilingual children...

Hey if you've landed here I'm super happy to meet you. If we've not met I'm Ricky and we are a family doing our best to raise these to 2 handsome trilingual boys in Barcelona.

To fill you in quickly on the last year, I've launched the first blended learning program supporting bilingual kids language education in Spain and Europe and now we are jumping into our second year!


To begin the year I'd like to share some of the key things I've learned about both raising multilingual / multiliterate children and working with multilingual families to support their English children's language education.


1. First off, our literacy and immersion programmes really work!

Families see first hand the evolution of their children's confidence and really value:

- a tailored approach to their children's' learning

- the flexible schedule

- the convenience of home learning

- guidance from experienced teachers

- the affordability

Hear from parents themselves!


2. Our students are reading more than ever with our NEW library partner BOOKR Class

What is BOOKR Class?

BOOKR Class is a digital interactive reading platform designed to engage language learners to read in English. The solution offers a safe, ad-free, easy-to-use gamified library application for students to improv

e learning outcomes and a Teacher’s Dashboard displaying real-time statistics to improve the measurement of student learning and school performance.

The library app includes more than 1000+ engaging digital content to match with your course books, curriculum, in-class or online activities: graded readers from the classics of world literature, original stories, songs, civilizational materials and

CLIL, educational games and flashcards. While the books primarily support English as a Foreign or Second Language learning and reading comprehension development, they also develop 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.

The Teacher's Dashboard assists teachers in preparation, time optimization and differentiation with real-time reading statistics and book assignment.

How we we use it at Next Level English?

1. All subscribers receive a BOOKR license as part of their registration.

2. Teachers assign books each weeks with supporting games and exercises related to the themes in class

3. We follow interaction and ensure progress is being made.

4. We nurture a joy and a love of reading and stories and let children learn English through stories!!


3. Children's emotional bond to the language is very important

We create a fun engaging classes where children play and get to know each other and the world around them. Our platform provides a safe secure place for bilingual kids to play and learn together and make new friends.

We work incredibly hard to using the best materials to engage and inspire young learners both in our online lessons and on our bilingual excursions.

If you missed it check out our recent review on


Book a call with us to start your child's bilingual education and join a group of other kids having fun and exploring the world in English!

We're launching new groups throughout September so it's not too late!

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