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Our Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) curriculm and resources offer
- Project-driven approach to learning
- Inspire imagination, curiosity, and critical thinking
- Motivating materials and resources
- Crosscultural learning
- Flexibility and guidance

Extracurricular courses tailored to your bilingual child's needs during their lunch break or after school


4 - 5 years

Emmerging bilignuals and early readers

From play and explorsatry baed lessons to early phonics and blending our courses for the little ones will guide you to a successful reader.


Weekly workshops include songs and games about new sounds.  Interactive games and challenges writing challenges everything 

One 40 minute class per week



Reading journey

An enquiry-based learning approach inspires discovery and curiosity across diverse subject areas.

Interdisciplinary skills help students make connections through activities that are relevant to the wider world.

Download course info

One 1 hour class per week


4r - 6r


Now we are building Independent thinking and 21st century skills

We engage teens through interests and enquiry a

Young learners gain the essential skills they need to succeed with a motivating mix of project work, digital content, and life skills.

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One 1 hour class per week

We are devoted to your child’s success. A simple monthly / quarterly subscription provides your child with many additional benefits and resources.

All courses include

✔️ Live online class with up to 6 English speaking children 

✔️ Home projects delivered through our child-friendly Learning Management System

✔️ Access to your persnoal e-Library book collection graded for ability

✔️ Optional online events, face-to-face meet ups  and excursions(in the Barcelona area)

✔️ Regular feedback and reinforcement ideas for parents

✔️ Technical support and guidance from the very start

✔️ Joining a community of like-minded parents where not just the kids make new friends!!!

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